The Super Secret Solution to Precarious Parenting Predicaments

I have just uncovered the secret to parenting.

That should be capitalized, bold, starred, and upped a notch.

And I am going to share it with you.

It’s stickers.

That’s right. Stickers.

Here is what you do:

  1. Get a bunch of stickers.
  2. Get a child.
  3. Get a book.

Then lay down and enjoy the ride.

Look at the enjoyment in my eyes.

Seriously, the kids were busy decorating me with stickers for hours. HOURS. If I had my Nook or an episode of Seinfeld or some Neil Diamond music, it would have been pretty close to my idea of parenting paradise.

The next question for the universe to answer is this:

How am I going to remove all these blasted stickers?


5 responses to “The Super Secret Solution to Precarious Parenting Predicaments

  1. I am certain that the bedroom you called your own when you were young still, to this very day, has oodles of stickers on walls and ceiling that could not be removed and were in all likelihood painted over numerous times, but still there!

  2. My kiddos put every sticker that they ever come into contact with on their dressers. Even the visitation badges from when Jesse visits people in the hospital go on there. It’s kind of bizarre.

    • My childhood dresser is covered with stickers, too! In my case, it was because my parents wouldn’t get me one of the sticker books that everyone else had that were *so* cool.

  3. My kids LOVE stickers. Wanna know something? They’ll end up cemented to the bottom of about a dozen socks. Also, stuck to your floor -much better than to any piece of paper mind you.

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