El Backo and El Drinko

Erma has had a cold for over a week. The symptoms are: coughing, sore throat, runny nose, and anxiety.

That last one is actually just a symptom of Erma being my daughter.

She won’t eat more than a bite or two of her dinner. She starts crying and holding her neck. I asked her what she is thinking and feeling, and she told me that she thinks if she swallows food, she will throw up.

This dates back to the last time she had a stomach bug, and I TOLD HER NOT TO EAT A CHOCOLATE MUFFIN, but Flathead really thought she was recovered from her ailment.

Apparently she now thinks that if she has any sick symptoms, eating will make her vomit.

It’s been a long week of Anxietyliss trying to comfort Anxietychild. I keep telling her to drink more water, because water is what heals you from sickness.

Tonight, after two days of begging, I played The Ladybug Game with Erma. I told her that in addition to the regular rules, we were going to make a Special House Rule: Every time you have to go backwards in the game, you have to take a sip of water. I call this rule El Backo.

El Backo!

Worked like a charm, too. Because The Ladybug Game is all about going backwards. In fact, the game hardly ever ends. It just keeps beginning. Again and again and again.

At the end, I had won twice, or in real terms, I had lost, because Erma was in tears that I had the indecency to win BOTH games (obviously not fair sharing of the winning).

And I taught my four-year-old a drinking game.

Another drinking game, called: Kids Down the Deconstructed Road Have a Lemonade Stand drinking game. You know how much lemonade costs at a lemonade stand? A quarter. You know how much it cost when I was a kid selling lemonade on the corner? A quarter. It’s the only price in the world that hasn’t gone up in the last 30+ years.


3 responses to “El Backo and El Drinko

  1. One can never learn drinking games too early in life 🙂

  2. Ah yes, I suggest you get rid of this game well before she gets close to the age of alcohol discovery because she will remember the game, and will feel that it has the “Mommy stamp of approval!”.

    It is always a worry when they’re ill though isn’t it, and you’re never quite sure how much they might be exaggerating their symptoms!

  3. Love the “drinking” game! My daughter had a fever virus this week–hit 105 one night and I was crazy trying to keep her hydrated but she was being a stinker about the gatorade, water, Kool-Aid, etc. Lemonade finally hit the mark with her, too.

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