Musical Chairs

Yesterday was a momentous day that shall forever be known to the world as August the Sixth, but to me will be The Day That Erma Gave Up the Boost.

I’ve been kind of putting the nag on her a bit to give up her booster seat. I told her at the end of the summer, she would be in a regular chair. There’s not any reason for her to use a booster at this point:

  • She’s as tall as a five-year-old (at least).
  • She sits in regular chairs without boosters at restaurants, friends’ houses, and other places
  • I can’t think of any other reasons. Which is why I didn’t pick this particular war to go to the battlefield.

On Monday, Erma told me that she was done with her booster seat. Randomly, apropos of nothing — she is done, she says. We’ll see, I think.

On Tuesday night, she says, she is going to sit in the regular chair. We switch the chairs around and voila! Erma has a regular chair!

But then! Sigourney notices that there is an open spot at the booster seat! She no longer wants to sit in her high chair! She goes for the gold and…she’s in the booster seat!

Two big girls, one proud Mama. : )

Sigourney now has a lot more room to make her dinner mess.



5 responses to “Musical Chairs

  1. Hooray! Well done, girls! You are champions!

  2. Yay! We gave up the booster chair too when my kiddo wanted to sit in the big chair. So random because he never wants to do what adults do, but maybe those booster seats are meant to start getting uncomfortable after a while!

    • It is kind of funny to me that your toddler isn’t even in a booster seat and mine just upgraded from the high chair. And my FOUR-AND-ALMOST-A-HALF year old JUST gave up her booster! Heh.

  3. Big girls!
    You may want to check out octoberbabies, there are some nice updates of all the babies who are now no longer babies!

  4. Yay! Those girls ARE getting big.

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