My Cat and I Went to a Craft Show

I didn’t intend to take my cat to the Island Park Craft Show. You know what happens when your cat is with you at a craft show? You get the following types of comments:

“Look at that cat!”

“Oh my gosh, did you see that cat?”

“Look over there! Look at that cat!”


“Hello! You are so cute!”

“What is your name, kitty cat?”

“Would you like some free candy, little kitty cat?”

“Mommy! I want to be a kitty cat! MOMMY!!!!!1!” *sobs*

Kitty eating a rainbow Italian ice.

Kitty on the barrel train ride.

Kitty walking her dog.

Kitty morphing into kitty.


9 responses to “My Cat and I Went to a Craft Show

  1. Wow, the guy did some nice artwork!

  2. That is some awesome face painting!!!

  3. How cute is that?!!!

  4. WOW that’s a great face painting! You can’t even see her real expressions.

  5. Haha! Enjoyed this one! That face painter has the same expression on his face my dentist has but then I just went to the dentist last week so maybe it’s just me! 😀

  6. My cat never takes me anywhere.

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