Summer Sabbatical: Final Report

Erma took a preschool sabbatical this summer so she could concentrate on some professional development efforts. In non-academia-speak, she (we) quit preschool and she stayed home with her dad. As the summer comes to a close, here is her final report of her summer accomplishments:

Cultural Exploration. Erma performed a native Midwestern-and-Brooklyn dance in celebration of the Fargo Street Fair.

Astrophysics. Obviously, this is a rocket ship that is headed to the moon, using the power of a helium-inflated monkey to guide its course through the universe. The rocket is sealed with duct tape, so as to ensure the passengers’ safe travels.

Extra-curricular Noodle Aquatics. Learning to swim 101. Instructor: Max. Next up: private autumn lessons with N8.

Professional-Level Gaming. Namely, animal yahtzee. She is training for the championship triple yahtzee showdown at Grandma and Papa’s this fall.

Equestrian Studies. Look. I’m on a horse. (Too played?)

Construction Management. Overseeing the building and installation of the front yard swing handcrafted by her father, formerly known as Flathead and now known as Math Robot.

Waldo Watching/Esteem Building. “I found Waldo! I found Wenda! I found the dog tail. I found the KEY! I am so good at this!”

Archaeological Dig. For marshmallows and goldfish crackers. There are five of them, somewhere in the Reading Room. Annnnnd…go!

Geological Sciences. Pet rocks! Rock n’ roll! Erma’s rock house is home to three rocks. They are all named Emilia. My rock, Roxanne, is also crashing at the rockpad for a while, but just until she finds her own habitat.


Now that the summer is falling off (is it? is it ever?), Erma’s sabbatical has come to its close. It’s now time for kids’ gym, free swim, and fish crackers at her new preschool.

And maybe just one or two more marshmallow hunts.


13 responses to “Summer Sabbatical: Final Report

  1. Time well spent! I wish my summer had been filled with such fun activities!

  2. Whew! With such a grueling program, thank goodness summer is over. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. What fun! Your front yard looks huge on that picture! Also, what speed is she traveling on that horse? The background looks like it’s whizzing round!

    • We do have a pretty big front yard. Do you call it a yard in the front and a garden in the back? Our backyard is pretty big, too.

      She was going lightning speed on that horse! Actually, she was going very slowly but my camera took one amazing picture out of the 400 I took.

      • No, we call it a garden in the front and in the back, but as I lived in the states for a few years, I’m adept at switching between the two terms as appropriate! Over here, we use the word garden even if there’s nothing growing there! For us, the word yard is really just used for an area of land adjacent to a building that is used for commercial purposes, so maybe a builder’s yard or something like that.

  4. Brilliant! The dance picture is my favorite ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. What a fun summer! I bet those are the days she will remember her whole life!

  6. allthingsgeography1

    Summer is always great bonding time. My father would always come up with neat projects for us to do together. For a few years we built an ant city where we would go capture ants from a nearby colony and put them in our homemade city made of plastic bottles and whatnot (then discover we didn’t insulate it right and have them escape and running around the apartment…then my job become ant catcher). Definitely learned a lot about ant biology, sociology and instinctual behaviors doing that multi-summer project. When I got older, we did model rocketry together also taught me a bit of amateur astronomy (and until I decided to be officially a music major at end of 2002 while in my first year of college, I had plans on becoming an astronomy/physics major). Definitely keep up the summertime experiences!

  7. A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!!! Loved the dancing, the horseback ride, I loved rocks too! Mine never had names, why didn’t I think of that?! Awesome post ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Awesome activities; wow you guys totally covered so many fun things I now wish I had done lol. To be fair, we did some swimming and eating of cake, too.

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