A Vacation from Myself

In case you haven’t yet received your postcard (*shakes fist at postal service*), you should know that I’m on vacation. I’m taking a vacation from myself.

No, that’s not true. I wish that was true.

I am taking a vacation from the children. I took them on a 30-hour train ride so my parents could “spend quality time with their granddaughters” in a cozy downtown setting, while I play on the internet. That was The Plan.

On the third day of my vacation, Sigourney decided it would be fun if we visited the Emergency Room, where she was diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia. That was a fun four hours, especially for my sick, little almost-two-year-old. I have never seen her this sick.

I have to wonder how she contracted bacterial pneumonia. It could be attributed to:

  • Licking the train windows (they taste like bacon…so I have heard)
  • Eating random things off the floor of the train
  • Too much dairy (pretty sure too much dairy is the cause of All Bad Things)
  • Daycare

Or we could just lump it into one big group called “bad mothering.”

Anyway, she is recovering and not sleeping and I am recovering from her recovering and not sleeping, and we’re all doing it together here in downtown Portland.

The first sign that something was off with Sigourney was when she developed bugeyes on Saturday afternoon.


9 responses to “A Vacation from Myself

  1. Great Picture!
    Is that a picture of the “bug” she caught?


  2. well, weird “liking” this post when I really didn’t ‘like” it all. Poor Sigourney! (poor you, too!) Very scary!! This “bacterial” pneumonia is NOT the way to go… my daughter ended up getting the kinder, gentler “walking” kind this summer. If you have to choose one, go that route. Ugh. Glad she’s on the mend and all buggy-eyed!!

  3. Glad you’re all recovering!

  4. Oh dear, how terrible! I certainly wouldn’t attibute it to bad mothering though. Hope she’s much better.

  5. Now you’ve made me want to taste train windows. 🙂 Have a fun vacation!

  6. I don’t think it has anything to do with “bad mothering”! Just bad bugs! Glad she’s on the mend.

  7. Oh that’s scarey! I hope she’s feeling better. I think it was probably the 30 hour train ride that did . I can get feverish just thinking about that.

  8. I’m so sorry that she had to feel so sick…..a friend of mine has a three month old, and SHE got bacterial pneumonia…and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t licking train windows…..I hope she is back to her adorable little self very soon and that her EXCELLENT mother is back to her GOOD MOTHER self very, very soon 🙂

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