In the Napkins

I have previously mentioned that at my office, I am in the cups. This is due to the fact that I ordered a massive amount of coffee cups in a strategic plan for ultimate office efficiency and which, naturally, failed immensely.

Apparently, my efficiency hoarding is an inherited trait, because I have learned that my parents are efficiency hoarders.

Sigourney is a little bit…fastidious about cleaning up her mouth and hands (and table…and stroller…and wall…and bathtub…). She uses about 15 napkins at every meal. “Nakkin!” she says in a state of urgency. “Nakkin!!!! Need nakkin now!”

The pile of napkins on my parents’ buffet table was dwindling. “Nakkin! Need nakkin now!” Sigourney declared while eating  cereal sans milk (a unique feat to need a napkin for dry cereal, but Sigourney is uniquely talented).

My dad was the hero and saved the day. In their 800-square foot apartment, he went into their tiny pantry and pulled out:

A 20-gallon container of restaurant napkins. That’s a lot of napkins! They are probably saving between $7 and $10 per year on paper products (maybe more when the fastidious granddaughters are visiting).

“Looks like we’re running low on napkins,” my dad said with a wink and a grin. “We better head back to Chipotle pretty soon.”


5 responses to “In the Napkins

  1. Just another way that lets me know that ya’ll are my kinda people. 🙂

  2. The year I got married I worked in a bakery/coffee shop and used to carry sugar packets in my pockets, taking several home every night. We didn’t buy sugar the whole time I was employed there! So I totally get this taking the napkins home thing. lol

  3. Ah. So it runs in the family!

  4. Sounds like your dad collects napkins like my dad used to collect wrapped sugar lumps! I can imagine needing napkins for dry cereal, heck, I do! 😉

  5. LOL! I love your dad and how cute is your daughter She is quite the little lady! Needing a napkin for her dry cereal is cuteness perfection! 😀

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