Doodles from Pneumomia

It might be clear from my previous post that this was my first experience with an emergency room since I was about three years old and my brother had an encounter with a mall mannequin.

The first thing I asked our Zoomcare doc was, “The emergency room? Are there going to be people without legs in there?” That’s what my mother says I said, and I believe her. I was actually in shock at that moment. It’s amazing I didn’t say something far sillier.

For some reason, a very sick little girl had a lot of fun in the waiting area of the emergency room. Instead of walking pneumonia, I would call it jumping high pneumonia, as that is what she ventured to do.

Now that she is recovered from pneumonia, I hope to retire my new moniker.


6 responses to “Doodles from Pneumomia

  1. Still lovin’ the doodles! But I’ve just realised I shouldn’t be taking so much delight in this page when it is about your little girl being very sick! I guess it’s ok to be delighted now that she’s all better.

  2. Every situation has a funny side! I totally agree! And it sounds like your little girl kept her spirits up (literally) throughout. She was taking her cues from you I’ll bet! I hope she is feeling much better now! 😀

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