Doodles from the Fancy Mall

Sick kid changed our vacation plans.

Since games were out of the question (and I was looking forward to using the Ouija board to conjure up some spirits and stuff), we hoofed it to the local luxury mall for new shoes, lunch, and the obligatory escalator ride.

Then we came home to blow bubbles on the balcony.

This advice was relayed to me by Erma, as she blew bubbles “accidentally” in my face.

Hereafter, blowing bubbles became Erma and Papa’s special time together while I engaged in other activities, such as reorganizing our suitcase, taking naps, and being drawsome.


3 responses to “Doodles from the Fancy Mall

  1. For the record, that box of games on the closet shelf has 3 additional HEAVY boxes on top of it. Then there was an immovably heavy suitcase and 2 carry-ons blocking the closet with more “stuff” everywhere. HOWEVER, had I known it was Emilia who wanted the Checkers, I would have moved heaven and earth and even all that other stuff!

  2. Hahahahahaha! That sounds like my Grandma’s house when we were kids! And I love Emilia’s drawing of you two on the escalator. 😀

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