Doodles from the Bookstore

On Wednesday, we made our pilgrimage to the motherland, i.e., Portland’s most famous bookstore, Powell’s City of Books.

Wednesday was also the day I remembered why I don’t bring the kids to bookstores back home.

I left my mother with Sticker Girl and her older sister, while I ventured upstairs to look for a couple of books for Ben, at which time I accidentally insulted one of the workers there. I would like to offer the Powell’s employee I offended a blog-public apology. If you are reading this, I am sorry. Also, sorry about your mustache. It’s a little too David Spade, isn’t it?

I came back to a basket full of books. The ones I had picked for the girls were gone and were replaced by an assortment (actually, much repetition) of other books. In fact, it looked like people were just picking random books off the bookshelf and dumping armfuls of them into our basket. Who would do that?!?

On Wednesday, we also visited the Chabad Sukkah in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Chabad is a Jewish organization that seeks to spread knowledge of Judaism. The Sukkah is a hut built outside to celebrate the harvest every fall. Pioneer Courthouse Square is a square where people gather. And there’s a courthouse, too.

Wednesday night we ate pizza and watched the debate, while Sigourney ran around like a sick, crazy person and Erma sat on the couch asking loud questions about the “contestants” and drawing in her sketchbook.


6 responses to “Doodles from the Bookstore

  1. That’s a pretty good likeness of Obama, with that far-off “I’m-not-really-here,-am-I?” look.

  2. Oh, Powell’s City of Books! I love that place. I want to go back and live there.

  3. I’m not seeing your posts in my reader, so I’m going to unfollow and just visit via my bookmarks from time to time. I’ll understand if you want to unfollow me, but hope you don’t! Hugs.

  4. Best. Picture. Of Obama. Ever.

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