Doodles and Dots to Dots

Thursday was like sillyliss day. All my favorite places in the span of a few hours: the Russian Gallery for a new nesting doll; August Moon for the best Chinese food in downtown Portland; and then new to my list, the waterfront, where Erma and I hiked down the rocks to dip our fingers in the water. That was before she ran around playing an invisible, life-sized version of connect the dots.

Erma’s version of the waterfront:

Then she randomly drew a picture of my brother riding a bicycle to work. This is based in loose fact. As far as I know, he DID buy a bicycle to ride to work. And he DID ride it to work. Once. The smile, though, is completely fabricated.


One response to “Doodles and Dots to Dots

  1. “Mmhmm, of COURSE I was watching sweetie. What was it….it was a….a….it was beautiful! What did you make??”

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