Last of the Portland Doodles

The Portland Doodles conclude with a trip to the Oregon Zoo…

A Farmer’s Market breakfast at the playground with my brother’s family…

A voyage to the land of cupcakes…

And a lot of rice pudding.

Rice pudding almost in direct proportion with the amount of Daniel Tiger that was viewed, as seen below:

Time to go home with one little girl who was incredibly sad to leave her grandparents and another little girl whose antibiotic medication gave her the side effect of an incredibly horrible diaper rash.

Reminiscing with her father on the phone, as she waits the 30 hours to be reunited:

Ah, but we’ll always have rice pudding.

Rice pudding is forever.


10 responses to “Last of the Portland Doodles

  1. What an amazing trip to the zoo!….and rice pudding forever!!

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever had different flavoured rice puddings like that. I clearly haven’t lived!

  3. That was awesome! Now I want to doodle a chunk of my life……if only I did interesting things……

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