The Art of Art

Erma and Sigourney practice the art of art in a variety of media: craft projects, coloring books, rocket ship boxes, stickers, photography, block architecture, sketchbooks, iPads…

Both girls enjoy art. Their father and I try to foster that passion in them. It engages their minds and keeps their attention in ways little else outside of television can.

Then you turn around for a moment when the children are quiet and busy, and when you turn back, that’s when you see the writing on the wall. And on the couch and on the carpet and on the table…

This is one of Erma’s Drawsome entries. It’s 8 letters and obviously is obvious, no?

Not to be outdone, here’s my own handiwork from this weekend:

“Hello, Country Bumpkin. How’s the frost out on the pumpkin?”


7 responses to “The Art of Art

  1. Jack seems to reside in a very rural setting. I thought you moved into town.

  2. Great job on the pumpkin! As yet, mine are faceless. Another task for today.

  3. Oh no, you guys have snow already!?!?! I am sooo not ready for that.

  4. Okay, let me guess. Erma’s Drawsome is an aquatic Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man, yes? No? Well, then, I’m going with “Octopus.” I love your collage of photos and drawings – including the “tattoo.” And the pumpkin is AWESOME! Happy Halloween to you and yours. It’s so great that you’re fostering creativity with your little ones. I tried with my boys, but lost out to video games once they discovered that nasty past-time. However, being that I studied art in college, I provided them with an endless supply of sketchbooks, and now I’ve got a collection of cartoons and drawings that will make for most excellent blackmail material with girlfriends, or as appropriate whenever I feel it’s necessary.

    • Based on how E has attached herself to my iPad, I’m sure the videogame battle will be on soon enough. Although, if she lets ME play her videogames, TOO, well, that might be something!

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