Perfectly Pomanderous

I don’t know what inspired me to google the words “how to make your house smell like cinnamon,” but there are seemingly only two answers:

– A complicated recipe of simmering or boiling various items of dubious availability on a long-term basis

– Making a pomander

Obviously, I needed to make a pomander.

Unlike me, most everybody knows what a promenade is. It’s medieval or renaissancian or crusadish. I think midwives would sell poboys out of their secret apothecary shops before they were burned at the stakes as witches. Mostly, pomegranates were used to keep moths from eating through fine garments, as moths find moldy fruit naturally abhorrent.

Someone tell me how to pronounce the name of this thing.

Back to life/reality. I decided to make a parliament. In fact, I had all the ingredients on hand. How often does that happen?

  • Orange, almost too ripe to eat
  • Toothpick or other poky implement
  • Whole cloves (seemingly unopened)
  • Ground cinnamon (always kept on hand for the daily dose of cinnamon toast)
  • Nutmeg

Some of the recipes also mentioned sandalwood. I suppose it preserves the whole thing from smushing over like a month-old jack-o-lantern, but isn’t sandalwood kind of musky smelling? Not cinnamony at all, in my opinion. And the act of acquiring sandalwood was beyond my mental capacity.

The children and I spent about five or maybe six minutes creating our pimento. I did the toothpick part. And the clove part. The children did the rolling of the spices part.

In case you want to create your own paparazzi and welcome the sweet smell of cinnacitrus into your home (it covers up litter box smell marvelously!), here is what I did (your results may vary):

  1. Poke an orange with a toothpick.
  2. Stick a clove into the orange hole.
  3. Cry when citrus juice enters previously obtained paper cut.
  4. Repeat until orange is well covered with cloves.
  5. Shake cinnamon and nutmeg into a plastic bag; seal clove orange into bag.
  6. Let children roll the thing around for a while.
  7. Keep in cool, dry place near litter box.

I’ll let you know when the pompandcircumstance has molded over. Until then, we’ll be enjoying the aromas near the cat’s bathroom.

Notice that the iPad has to accompany Erma as she checks on the pomander the next day. The stylus felt that the pomander was doing quite well. And in case you’re wondering what Something Erma is Drawing: it’s a cupcake. Pomander hasn’t come up once in all my Draw Something games…don’t know why that is…


11 responses to “Perfectly Pomanderous

  1. I’m not quite sure what the hell you are talking about (other than the cupcake on Draw Something, because I got that one), but I do recall many, many moons ago attending a wedding and the party favors that were given to each guest was something like you are describing. I think. Anyway, I kept that thing ion my dresser, not knowing quite what to do with it. A couple of weeks later, I had thousands of ants. That was fun.

    • Gah, I haven’t seen any ants inside our house yet, but I’ll tell Bella to be on the lookout.

      You always know how to surprise me, Mom. No matter the topic, you dig up a great anecdote from your LBM (Life Before Melissa). It’s uncanny!!!! And awesome!

  2. And you can actually smell the cinnamon, even with the cloves? Anytime I have cloves out that’s all that I can smell.

  3. So many perfect “p” words – pompandcircumstance is the most perfect of all. 🙂 This looks like more fun than lighting a scented candle….sort of. lol

    • I love candles, but most of the time the scents don’t really match up with what I’m hoping they will smell like. Except for the Library candles. Those are fantastic. 🙂

  4. Ah! Flash back to kindergarten, when we made these as a class project (ambitious teacher had we). Thank you for jogging my memory, as I never could recall the name of the thing… lol!

  5. Oh. My. God. This is hilarious! Laughing aloud in my chair, AA Hubby asked, “What’s so funny?” I replied, “Well, do you know what a pomander is?” He responded, “How do you spell it?” I think that maybe I didn’t pronounce it right. But I really, really, really want to create my own paparazzi! Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

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