You Have Been Informed

Two Bears

Innocent looking little chocolate bears that came in a delicious box of assorted chocolates.

Chocolate covered raisins: good

Chocolate covered cookie dough: great

Chocolate covered espresso beans: why not

Chocolate covered macadamia nuts: maybe a little overrated

Chocolate covered peanut butter: divine

Chocolate covered cinnamon flavored gummy bears: disgusting

— And surprising. WHY would a candyman create such a devilish beast? I would rather have chocolate covered toothpaste.

Good Night CCCSFGB

The chocolate covered cinnamon spice flavored gummy bear is now sleeping with the fishes. … Actually, the fishes are in my tummy (as well as the caramel pillow and Ghirardelli blanket), but the CCCSFGB has been banished to Flathead’s domain. Blech.


12 responses to “You Have Been Informed

  1. Fair enough. I’ll pass.

  2. And there I was, all ready to make a huge batch of chocolate-coated cinnamon-flavored gummy bears for the kids to give to their teachers this year. Bother.

  3. I came across the cake pops in a store yesterday and was almost tempted to buy them but, remembering your wise words of yesterday, quickly put them back on the shelf. I will likewise avoid the chocolate covered cinnamon flavored gummy bears.

  4. I’m the odd ball, I LIKE the chocolate covered cinnamon bears! Whenever I’m in GF I do a Widmans stop and load up on chocolate covered oddities to torture my coworkers with. Chippers are a stand by, but my favorite are the chocolate covered green olives. They are tasty, but you really only need one. I prank people by mixing the chocolate covered pickles and jalepenos together. I think Carol Widman’s Candy Store is in Fargo, you’ll have to check it out. If I recall they are related to the GF family but it’s a black sheep kind of scenario. I’m sure they have plenty of ‘normal’ chocolate covered candies you’ll enjoy. πŸ™‚ Now that I’ve typed ‘chocolate covered’ six times, my grapefruit seems pretty boring. Hmm, I think there’s chocolate syrup in the break room, do I dare?

  5. workingmommawithababy

    chocolate covered cinnamon bears is like a crazy delicacy here in UT! hahaha LOVE those!

  6. Wonderful, witty and now I am left with this strange craving for all things chocolate covered. πŸ™‚

  7. You live a very… ahem… interesting life!! πŸ˜‰

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