Fear #37: Bunnies



6 responses to “Fear #37: Bunnies

  1. I’m just imagining her finding this entry in like 15 years. She will hate you forever, and it will be funny.

  2. I had lots of bunnies when I was a kid. Still have the scars to show for it. I’m with your daughter on this one…

    • Did the bunny…bite you? How come you kept getting more of them? … That is kind of how I feel about hamsters.

      • Oh, Nibbles nibbled; Nosey & Thumper scratched–leaving the scars. And one-eyed, deaf Charlie, bless her heart, mingled with Thumper to bring 21 bunnies into the world over a 6-week period, and I had to find homes for all of them (a farmer who promised he wanted them as pets, not as food). Charlie would be my last–she lived to be 11 and was then struck by lightning.

  3. Mommies are such fun. HF

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