A Message from My Public Relations Consultant

A few of my coworkers recently had mentioned to me that they had seen my blog. Seems pretty weird, right? How would they know about it? It’s not like I broadcast it on the all-staff listserv.

Or do I?

My Publicist

This is Sonya. She is my Secret Publicist. Some things about Sonya. She is more fashionable than pictured. She has fingers on the ends of her hands, not lumps.  She has a neck, but I cannot draw necks. She is an award-winning chef, in addition to her day job (she has her own cake ball maker!). And she is so beautiful, seriously.

Do you all have Secret Publicists for your blogs? If you do, you probably wouldn’t know about it.

I know about mine. And I love her. ♥sonya


7 responses to “A Message from My Public Relations Consultant

  1. Sonya is awesome! Although now will it be awkward for her to continue to publicize a blog which is publicizing her? 🙂

  2. I feel that my best writing is the snarky, crazy stuff I say about coworkers. But what if they found my blog? This is probably why it has no posts.

    Also Sonya looks amazing in that green sweater. Who does her hair?

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