No More Babas for Baby

It was time. Time for Sigourney to give up the bottle. It’s her comfort item, the way Rainbow Blanket was a comfort item for Erma. Erma had to have Rainbow Blanket at dinner, in the car, at naptime — all the time, every day. No other blanket would do. It had to be Rainbow Blanket.

Sigourney likes to have her bottle when she is about to sleep. She has been drinking out of a sippy cup and a regular cup since she was less than a year old. But the bottle sure makes bedtime and naptime easier. It isn’t so much that she wasn’t ready to give up the bottle — I am the one who wasn’t ready.

My coworker told me how her son gave up pacifiers. She told him that the Pacifier Fairy was going to come take the pacis and give them to babies who needed them. That was the last night he asked for a Binky. Magic!

Pacifier Fairy

I told Sigourney at bedtime that she was not going to have “babas” anymore. She is a big girl now, and big girls drink out of sippy cups and regular cups.

No more babas for baby

I explained to Sigourney that we had to give her babas to a new baby who needed them. Listening in closely, Big Sister interpreted what I was saying. Not correctly, but nonetheless.

We gave the babas to the almost-born cousin...or so the story goes

Sigourney seemed to accept this turn of events really, really well. I was a proud mama.

Big girls drink from sippy cups

I gave myself accolades for my incredible mothering skills. Pretty sure parenthood doesn’t get any easier than this. Or I’m just getting AWESOME at it.

Sigourney went to sleep without her baba. She didn’t ask for one the next day.

In fact, she mentioned to everyone she met that she was a big girl and didn’t get babas anymore, only sippy cups or reg-er-ler cups.

She was doing SUPER.

Then, that night:

Day 3 and she has not magically forgotten about the wonder that is the baba

She didn’t get a baba, because they were at her cousin Porter’s house waiting for the new baby to be born (says Erma). It was tough, though.

But surely, now she KNEW there would be no babas and everything would be OKAY.

Here we are today.

Day 17 and I want my baba back!

It hasn’t gotten any easier. I haven’t caved. I haven’t given her a single baba (which are sitting on the counter taunting me and actually NOT waiting for a new cousin to be born, because, ew, two-and-a-half-year-old used babas).

Now, not only is she asking for her baba back, she is asking for a chocolate milk baba. She is doing a LOT of baba-related sobbing. Things are getting a little out of hand.

Will she ever get over this baba thing? Will I?

Sigourney and Erma are finally fast asleep. Sigourney does not have a baba. Erma is cuddled up with her Rainbow Blanket.

And my arm is possibly stuck in an upward pointing manner for the rest of eternity.

Mother of the Year.


12 responses to “No More Babas for Baby

  1. That’s a sad story. 😦

  2. It’s so hard for kids to give up bottles and binkies!

  3. I think you can do the fairy bit and tell her that when the fairy takes the bottles she will leave a reward for sidrah. That’s what my cousin did. Corbin gets a bottle before bed at nearly 15 months and I totally get crap for it! Whatever!

    • I don’t know. Z is kind of against the whole fairy thing, even tooth fairy. So I guess we won’t have fairies.

      I actually never heard anybody say anything about Sidrah having the bottle, even in public. Maybe it was just in my mind that a LOT of kids have pacifiers at her age still, so what’s the difference, really?

      Oh my gosh, kids make me so tired.

  4. Well congrats on ditching the baba. I hope I have as much success here in the near future when the hubs and I attempt to do the same.

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