Elbows and Wagon Wheels

Another stuck-in-the-house day for us, and we are all going slightly crazy. Every plan I had for today was cancelled due to winter weather.

Even Clifford seems to have SAD. He is hanging out at the top of his tank all day, acting like he would prefer to jump out than stay in. This may not end well.

The most exciting part of our day so far has been pasta art. Also, the mess of clingy window things that “happened” while I was cleaning up the pasta art mess.

Pasta Art Now with Extra Glue

Toddler + Glue = Pure Joy. And yes, that is a banana sticker she is wearing as her badge of honor.

Painting the Pasta

The trick to good pasta art is to use the She Says section of the paper. Hopefully the injustice of having the trivial parts of the paper dedicated to women will seep into my daughters’ brains and they will grow up to believe that men and women are equal. I’ll let you know in ten years or so if this system worked out.

Mom are you angry in this picture because of the mess we made in the living room?




12 responses to “Elbows and Wagon Wheels

  1. Your self-portrait is truly creative and amazing! What you can do with a little pasta — besides adding tomato sauce. πŸ™‚

    Looks like Mr. Vacuum Cleaner will be paying a visit to the living room carpet shortly…

  2. Poor Clifford. If I remember correctly (from half a century ago!!), when fish hang out near the top of the tank, they are seeking oxygen. Not a good sign. As for the kiddies, a little song and dance, perhaps some Hokey Pokey, should liven things up and set the stage for nap time. πŸ™‚

    • Zeb replaced the water. (Look who ended up doing it, heh.) He’s still hanging out at the top. But from what I’ve read, it might be normal. Guess we’ll see.


  3. It looks like you had a fun day despite bad weather!

  4. Pasta crafts to cure the wintery stuck-in-the-house-blues? That’s using your “noodle.” (Don’t tell my Italian husband that I referred to pasta as noodles, okay?) Love the self-portrait!

  5. hey, about how warm is his water? he might be unhappy due to the cold. his water should at least feel like comfy pool water–upper 70s. bettas get lethargic if their water is too cold for them. they sell little heaters for between 7-14 bucks that keep the bowl/tank a perfect temperature.

    • I don’t have a thermometer on his water. It’s room temperature. He was doing great after I wrote the post, though. Swimming around, smiling. Well, I think he was smiling. I pretend he was.

    • Thanks, HF! I wanted to ask if the post you wrote today was a true story, but I didn’t want to do it on your blog. I was too shy. Did you really live such an altered existence prior to your current life?

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