The Frozen Chosen Purim Party

The girls and I went to a Purim Carnival today.

The last time I attended a Purim Carnival was as a child. My memory is of people throwing sponges at my uncle’s face. My memory may have made this up. I’m awaiting verification. (UPDATE: VERIFIED!)

Needless to say, this was Erma and Sigourney’s first encounter with the Jewish festival holiday. Their favorite things about the Purim Party:

  • Playing games
  • Eating yummy food with friends
  • Shaking the groggers (noisemakers)
  • Throwing darts at balloons
  • Getting dressed up in costumes
  • Seeing other kids dressed up
  • Winning prizes
  • Dancing (Sigourney)
  • Running around (Sigourney)

Somebody let a four-year-old with questionable aim throw darts at balloons.

Sigourney tries the hamentashen — a triangular cookie with a filling. This one was a jelly filling. It was delicious. Sigourney “no liked it,” but I sure did.

Erma guessed closest to the real answer of how many Tootsie Rolls were in the Tootsie Roll bank — and she won them! Also, her Waldo glasses have been slightly altered by a reckless little toddler. Maybe that’s why everything has a warning on it that it’s only intended for ages 3 and up.

We came home and I tried to find our groggers. These are noisemakers, and when you turn the crank, they make lots of noise. When you hear the name of the awful man Haman, you shake them like crazy. Yelling out some loud BOOs is also encouraged.

I couldn’t find our groggers. Erma was sad. She said, “Aw, I wish I could MAKE my own groggers.”

So we did.

To make our own groggers, we filled some empty containers (a vitamin bottle and a sour cream tub) with macaroni and wagon wheels and then painted them.

Erma asks me if it’s okay to fingerpaint her grogger…after she fingerpainted her grogger. I told her no, it’s not okay. What’s she going to do about it?

The finished groggers. Shake shake shake!


4 responses to “The Frozen Chosen Purim Party

  1. So you have to be naked to make a grogger?

  2. Too cute. Kids are so great because they enjoy such simple pleasures, although there probably isn’t anything simple about throwing darts at balloons. That can be pretty challenging for kids and adults. Love the groggers. I keep thinking that groggy people might not appreciate groggers.

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