Run from the Sun


Up until now, Sigourney’s fears have been toddleresque and sort of sweet. I mean, being scared of a wittle bunny wabbit? That’s adorable!

Then, a few nights ago, she told me that she’s scared of the sun.

It was night time when she told me this. She wanted me to close the drapes.

“The sun isn’t out right now. It’s night time. Are you scared of the dark?”

“No,” she said. “Scared of sun. Sun watching me. Sun eyes watching me. No yike sun.”

I closed the drapes and figured she was being purposefully silly. (She is sometimes!)

The next night, she again told me to close the drapes and that the sun was watching her. I tried to have a rational conversation with her about how the sun can’t be watching her because the sun doesn’t have eyes. And the sun is far away in the sky. And the sun is away right now, because it is night time. And the sun doesn’t have eyes.

She looked at me with wide eyes and said, “I no yike da sun. I scared of dat.” Then she tried to close the drapes and dove into her bed.

Where in the world would she get this idea that the malevolent sun is stalking her through windows?




Okay, I may have found the culprit of her nightmares. Still, totally creepy.


6 responses to “Run from the Sun

  1. Looks like a happy, friendly sun to me.

    Still, a healthy respect for the sun is probably warranted. πŸ™‚

    • Healthy respect, sure. Put the sunscreen on. Wear a hat. But the sun staring at me through my window while I’m trying to go to sleep? That’s a Twilight Zone right there.

  2. Of all things to be feared…seeing the sun in a whole new light (pun intended). I just remembered the strange brother from the frat-boy movie, The Benchwarmers, who I believe was also afraid of the sun. O_o “Suns bad, wants to hurt me”. I’m totally not picking on your sweet innocent child, I promise. It just reminded me of that silly movie. Very cute when it’s a little one though.

  3. Just wait until she learns the days of the week… don’t think that will go over too well.

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