The Wheels on the Cow Go Crash Crash Crash

Do you think the people in China making all of our cheap plastic junk wonder about the consumers they are  producing for?

I present to you:


Hard plastic farm animals on wheels.

This educational toy teaches the children the dynamic relationship between the invention of wheels and the animals who have them in lieu of legs.

At our house, we like to play The Crash Game with the wheeled barnyard creatures. This basically involves racing your rolling sheep toward your opponent’s rolling chicken and seeing if they collide or not. If they crash, well…hilarity ensues. Obviously.


4 responses to “The Wheels on the Cow Go Crash Crash Crash

  1. One can only wonder WHY you even have such toys. 🙂

  2. We like to play with cars that have faces around here. That makes total sense too! 🙂

  3. My energy quotient just went up 30% from looking at that picture! Your daughter’s expression is better than caffeine, for someone who currently has two super mellow teenage boys. As I remember, actually parenting energetic small children has sort of the opposite effect. Good luck with the crashing, and thanks for sharing!

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