That Angsty Toddler Music Scene

The kids these days really don’t know anything about good music. This morning, I listened to some of the worst melody/lyric composition I have ever heard in my whole life. It went a little something like this:

I want my daddy!
I don’t want you!
I want my daddy!
I want out da car!
I want daddy take me to school!
I don’t like you!
I want my daddy!


And it was long. Like Metallica long. Like Pink Floyd long. Like Meatloaf long. Looong.

I named the song “Pitchfork to My Soul.”

I’m going to listen to it again on the way home.


13 responses to “That Angsty Toddler Music Scene

  1. That is a horrible song. You should videotape the performance to embarrass the artist, maybe at their graduation. When I was working and my oldest was a tot, I started every workday with my ears ringing from “No! I don’t want to be here! I want to be home! MOMMMMMMMY!” and ended every workday with “NO! I don’t want to go home. I want to stay here! NOOOOO!” This was more of a punch in the gut compared to your pitchfork to the soul. You win. Sort of. I think Daddy owes you a footrub.

    • I don’t videotape the kids having their whacked out tantrums anymore because it upsets their grandma very much. Last night, though, Flathead put Sigourney to bed while I ate ice cream and played on the internet. Let’s just say, the world was balanced out for a moment. πŸ™‚

  2. One of the all time great song titles! Nice! HF

  3. That sounds a LOT like a song my daughter favored when she was two and her dad went out of town a lot. Hers went something like, “YOU go. Daddy stay home. YOU go. Daddy stay home. YOU go. Daddy stay home. GO, Mommy. GO, Mommy GO GO GO GO GO GO” . Oh, yes, many, many times i wanted to GO, GO, GO πŸ™‚

  4. workingmommawithababy

    Oh my gosh, I snort laughed when I read this. Sounds like my son, but he screams the whole time for his bottle. Obviously his priorities are in the right place. I think your daughter could really hit the toddler music scene with this catchy song–it calls out to toddlers everywhere.

    • Oh man, in lieu of the bottle song, we have the buckle song. It’s about how much we hate the buckle and how we’re trying to get out of the buckle. And sometimes we do and then the singing stops and the gleeing begins!

  5. Omg I laughed so hard at your song title. Hope the second round was not nearly as long as Meatloaf long. πŸ™‚

  6. Hahaha!! Pitchfork to my soul!! Hahah! Love the picture too!

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