Gobs of Gum

I cannot resist a great deal. I took Sigourney to the grocery store yesterday as a pick-your-own fruit snacks bribe to get her to put her coat on at school — yes, the bribes have sunk to a new low; a fruit snack low. (And also because I needed breakfast cereal and whipped cream.)

There was an unbelievable sale on gum! Fifty cents a pack! I stuck a few packs in the cart and continued on my way. Then I swung back around to the gum and picked up a few more. Then…a few more.

How often do you see such a great deal on gum?

Sigourney was counting the gum as we shopped. “Fourteen gums?” she asked me, completely astonished by my gum consumption power. “Thazza lotta gum,” she wisely observed.

GUM2gummmmmmm GUM3

Maybe if I hold onto this gum long enough, it’s value will go up and I can sell it on eBay for like a dollar a pack plus seven dollars shipping (combined shipping available; see dealer for details). How could this plan go wrong?

And yes, I am crazy.

About gum.


7 responses to “Gobs of Gum

  1. I’ve done that. Not with gum, though. I’ve cut back a bit with age (and wisdom? or lack of space?).

    • I do remember you stocking up on certain *ahem* items. You found REAL deals and got everything for free. I’m not like you. I think 50-cent gum is worth getting giddy about.

      Zeb asked me, what do you think is wrong with this gum that it’s so cheap?

      I don’t even want to know…

  2. That’s a great deal on gum!! I do that kind of thing all the time. I love bargain bins.

    • Do you ever get the impression that some stores just throw random stuff in a bin and call it a bargain bin when it’s not really a bargain? Like, okay, we get it, the Ernest movies are five dollars. At Walmart, at Target, and on Amazon. It’s not really a bargain! (Unless you have waiting and waiting for the day you get your hands on an Ernest movie.)

  3. I will have to bring you to the Proctor and Gamble sale that is held 2x a year here…we bought a couple boxes of gum for $1 each. And by boxes I mean the box with like 16 packs LOL

  4. Haha!! The family who chews gum together sticks together!! Thazza a lotta gum!! Haha!! I’m glad I’m not the only person who makes needs whip cream! I hate being out!!

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