Hey O!

Meet O. O is a crown tail male betta from Petsmart, which I now know is NOT the pet store chain with the dog biscuit buffet (because I asked the Petsmart guy where the doggy buffet was and he informed me that it’s located at another store; I real cool).


What’s that in O’s bowl? Obviously, it’s an underwater beehive. Bees flourish underwater. I know this because they all are extremely smiley about their lot in life.

O isn’t so sure. He’s been hanging out near the top of his tank, either mesmerized by the circulating water and the pretty lights — or preparing to die. (I might be a bit fish-paranoid at this point.)


Contrary to popular belief, O was not named after the magazine Oprah “writes.” O is named after a blue owl character from the Mister Roger’s Neighborhood spinoff. Because he’s blue. Get it?

Good luck, O! May your water be warm and your days go into the double digits.


11 responses to “Hey O!

  1. What happened to the bridge?

  2. Bettas hang around by the top a lot because they breathe air. So it should be okay.

  3. Fun! We have a beta that looks exactly like it and it has been alive for over a year now. A record for any fish in this house!

  4. So your first fish was named after a red dog, and your second fish was named after a blue owl. I am sensing a trend. Our cat’s name is Joe, and we often call him Joe-Joe (usually with affection, we call him other things when he’s clawing up the carpet.) I hope you don’t start calling the fish “Oh-Oh,” because that might be hard on his self-esteem. Congrats on the addition to the family, and may O enjoy many happy months? years? in your care!

  5. The underwater bee hive is perfect for the beta! He can swat at the bees with his long fin. 🙂

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