The Tempest AKA The Birthday Party

A wise woman once told me that a house filled with preschool aged girls is akin to a NASCAR event, with children running laps until they are sweating (yet they never crash…except into mirrors).

Unfortunately, that wise woman did not bestow that wisdom upon me until five minutes prior to eight school-aged girls arriving and immediately converging into an Olympic style event that involved running, running, running…and not stopping. Ever.

Erma’s art-themed birthday party was 5% art, 5% cake and apple juice refills, and 90% tempest.

Erma said it was the best party she had ever had.

Next year in Jerusalem. Or the gymnastics studio or Clay Your Way or the zoo or…anywhere but here.

Eating Her Cake

The only picture I took of the birthday girl at her birthday party.

Leftover Cake

Sigourney really gets into her cake.

O the Owl

Our homemade O the Owl pinata. We decided giving a bunch of very, um, “active” girls a bat and telling them to start swinging would not make the best ending to the party, so we’re saving the pinata. Maybe for next year. 😉

Daniel Tiger Cake

It was interesting to cut this (divine) chocolate Daniel Tiger cake. I had to lop off the ears, then someone wanted a shoe, then someone else wanted a piece of stomach. I think I ended up eating his rear end.


That’s my girl. My five-year-old girl.


8 responses to “The Tempest AKA The Birthday Party

  1. Fabulous party! Cake looks great! The girls look happy. What could be better.

  2. Haha!! Oh you are brave one!! LOL!! Someone wanted a piece of stomach!! It looks like you had a ball preparing for the party anyway. Even if they didn’t stop running long enough to get a good look at everything!! Erma looks happy tho! I’d say it was a big success!!

  3. Heck, she’s five now? Sheesh!

    Love that cake… not sure I needed the anatomical breakdown. Though I may get my own back with a post soon…

  4. Happy birthday to your little girl. That cake looks amazing. I take tons of pictures but on my daughter’s birthday party, there is hardly any that I can manage. Too busy keeping the house in order, tsk….

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