Elijah Didn’t Come but the Magician Drank All the Wine

Tonight is the first night of Passover. Flathead made a delicious brisket, and we had an abbreviated Seder, in which we tell the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of slavery.

The most important part of a Seder, if you are a child, is the afikomen. The afikomen is a piece of matzo that is secreted out during the dinner, hidden, and then scavenged for after the meal. The child who finds the afikomen can trade it back to the leader of the Seder for a prize.

Matzos and Kosher Wine

After we had cajoled Erma into trying the symbolic hard-boiled egg (“Daniel Tiger would be disappointed in you — you’ve got to try new foods, ’cause they might taste goo-ood”), I asked her if we should check the afikomen plate to see if the afikomen was still there.

“Whoa,” Erma said. “It’s gone!”

At this point, Sigourney had already disappeared from the table to play with Calico Critters.

Erma called after her sister. “Sigourney! Come quick! We have to find the big cracker!”

Together, they found the secretly hidden half piece of matzo and traded it for a chocolate coin for each of them.

“But Mom,” Erma said, her eyes wide, “how did the offyomen get hidden? Who hid it?” She looked around the room for the magician who had sneaked off with the afikomen.

I moved in front of Erma. “You’re looking at her,” I told her.

“Who?” she repeated, bewildered. She contorted herself to look behind me, where the magician was surely standing.


“YOU hid the afficoffee?!?” She was astonished.

Apparently, Erma did not know that her very own mother is a magician.

And I did not know how little children pay attention to their parents until I lifted the afikomen from the table, right in front of them, and hid it in a kitchen drawer.

Or, in other words, I am a magician.


Sigourney is astounded that Erma is actually going to eat a bite of…mashed potato. Sigourney also made sure that the brisket did not touch her plate of peas. I will say, though, that she tried a piece of parsley and some horseradish!

I would give my pinkie toe for some chocolate covered matzo right about now.


17 responses to “Elijah Didn’t Come but the Magician Drank All the Wine

  1. You ARE magic!!! And, why did I never know chocolate covered matzo existed?

    • Maybe you live in the Midwest where they don’t have chocolate covered matzo? At least, I live in the Midwest and I have never seen chocolate covered matzo around here….

  2. Mm-mm! That brisket looks goo-ood! We saw some chocolate covered Matzoh in our Safeway (of all places) and drooled a bit and then kept on walking. That was tough.

    • Next year you can buy some and send it to me, ha ha. How much did it cost?

      • I didn’t take notice of the price. If there are any still available later today when I go in, I’ll be sure to find out and let you know.

        • Maybe it will go on clearance!

          • Believe me, it wasn’t the price that kept me at bay. It was the calories! I’ll let you know what the current stock is.

            • Safeway is out of the typical chocolate covered matzoh. I doubt they got in more than 1/2 dozen boxes in the first place. However, they actually have 3 or 4 boxes of “gourmet” double-dipped chocolate matzoh by some company I never heard of. You get 2 pieces for $5. Two!! I would highly recommend a make-your-own chocolate covered matzoh. And here’s how:


              1. Each person selects a lovely piece of matzoh.
              2. Sprinkle with a generous supply of Nestle Toll House DARK CHOCOLATE morsels. You may use bittersweet if you can’t find the new DARK CHOCOLATE morself.
              3. Place in microwave on high for 30 seconds. (Just one at a time, folks, so be patient – wait your turn.)
              4. Spread warm chocolate with butter knife or spatula for even coverage.
              5. Let cool. (5 seconds?)
              6. Enjoy!

  3. Man, the more I read about Jewish traditions the more I wish I was raised Jewish instead of Episcopalian.

  4. I’m sure Elijah snuck in when you weren’t looking.

    Happy Passover to all.

  5. My recipe for chocolate covered matzo:
    – Put a hershey kiss in your mouth
    – let it sit in there and melt a little
    – take a bite of matzo & let the flavors melt together….
    – ENJOY

    I have taken to buying the special “Jewish” grape juice when it goes on sale for the various kosher holidays. It is cheaper than Welches and is only grape juice (no added stuff). Keep these holiday sales coming! 🙂

    Also, Happy Passover to you & your family!

  6. I truly love this. I know so little about your faith and I am enjoying every word you share. Thank you. All joy during this sacred time. HF

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