There’s Nothing Like a Good Knish

My mom always used to tell us, in her most Brooklyn tone, that there is nothing like a good knish. Whatever that meant. Where I grew up, there was not a good knish or a bad knish anywhere in sight.

This morning our temple hosted a gourmet brunch. It is a chance for people in the community to sample Jewish delicacies that they likely have not encountered before, like gefilte fish and kugel.

This year, Erma and I attended as guests, so we could check out the scene and prepare to don aprons and help out with next year’s event.

We saw old friends and made new ones. And we ate so many fantastic foods, including cheese blintzes, kugel, challah, matzoh brei, and fruit compote. Not tried but looked at thoughtfully was pickled herring (served up by Fargo’s one and only Glenn Miiller!), gefilte fish, bagels with lox, and chopped liver.

It's Just Brunch

You know what the very best thing on the buffet line was? The potato knish. I would drive to Winnipeg for more of those, they were so delicious.

This just proves that Mom is always right. There’s nothing like a good knish.


One response to “There’s Nothing Like a Good Knish

  1. And my all-time favorite – a kasha knish. Mm-hmm!

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