Late Night Conversations

“You wanna jump on the couch? Yes or no?”


“No. No do that. That’s DAN-gewous.”


“Because might get hurt on the fi-ahplace.”

“Oh, okay. Jump on couch in Weeding Woom?”

“Oh YEAH!”

“That too loud. You being too loud.”

“No not.”

“You need time out?”

“No. I be nice.”

“Okay. Want to sing a song?”


“You want…Wheels on the Bus or Woe Woe Woe Your Boat?”

“Wheels on Bus.”

*sings* “…wheels on the bus go wound and wound…all awound NDSU.”

“You want ‘nother song?”

“No. I tired.”

“Go sleep now? Yes? Or no?”

“No. Not yet.”

“Okay. Count five?”

“Five six seven eight nine ten leven TWELVE!”

*moment of silence*

Quiet voice: “Next time I get rower skates like sist-ah.”

*sighs* “Yeah.”

And then the deep breathing takes the place of the words: twenty minutes of Sigourney in bed, talking…to herself.

Rain Dance


4 responses to “Late Night Conversations

  1. Your little girl is so cute and your late night conversations are so much like what I have here. πŸ˜‰

  2. workingmommawithababy

    this is one of my favorite posts ever. omg I’m dying. So funny and adorable.

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