To Swim or Not to Swim

Erma measures time with her fingers. “Mom? How long until swimming lessons? This long? Or this long?”

No matter how close together my fingers are, her reaction is always disappointment. Swimming lessons cannot come fast enough.

Sigourney was also excited about her first ever swimming lesson. That is, until it was time to put her toes in the water.

Swimming Lessons

See, back there? Erma is practicing the backstroke with her teacher, Lydia. Swimming lessons are happening!



The second the swimming lesson was over, Sigourney burst into tears. “I want go swimming!” she wailed.

But she’ll have to wait until next week (*thislong*) to put me through this again.


6 responses to “To Swim or Not to Swim

  1. Sigourney looks as though she is pondering what to do in this place now that she has donned her bathing suit!

  2. Swimming lessons are well worth the time, effort, and expense. Just look how cute that little one looks in her adorable bathing suit with a beautiful swimming pool as her backdrop. Two thumbs up – “thislong.” πŸ™‚

  3. A post that reminded me of my little girl who’s now got her first swimming diploma (A) after 5 months of intensive 2-hour weekly lesson. I know the drill and all the crying especially at the first few lessons. She’s now into the next diploma (B) which involves swimming with long sleeve shirt, trouser and shoes.

    Your little girl will get the hang of it, just don’t give in so easily to the crying. My daughter’s instructor sent us away when we would interfere every time she cried. πŸ˜‰

    • Swimming lessons here must be quite a bit different from in the Netherlands! We can’t even get a two-hour lesson. Ours are half an hour. It’s exhausting, anyway.

      Swimming with shoes????

      • The swimming lessons here are a must and begins at 4 for children. It is a practical necessity because a big part of the country is below sea level and there are canals everywhere. Children must be able to swim to safety in case they fall in the water so they are trained to also swim with clothes and shoes on. We have a little lake beside our house and now that Francesca can swim with clothes on, that’s a big relief. πŸ˜‰

        • That is very interesting!! At our pools, you’re not allowed to wear any type of clothing except a bathing suit. I never really learned to swim, so I want my kids to learn.

          Sidrah is only 2.5, so maybe I can wait a while and try again with her!

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