Water Water Everywhere

Did you have to memorize a passage from Rime of the Ancient Mariner in high school, like I did?

This post is not about murdering an albatross and dooming a ship full of people. (Thank goodness, right?)

It is about our first summer outing to the community swimming pool, and thus it is the Comedy of the Wee Waterbabies — the CliffsNotes version, because who has time to write seven segments about going to the bathroom?





There was swimming, too, eventually. And then, inevitably, the humongous tantrum that always gives closure to every fun event. But there was also a LOT of going in and out of the bathroom.

Please comment with your favorite Ancient Mariner line. I’ll be back to read them after (or if ever) I get out of the bathroom.


4 responses to “Water Water Everywhere

  1. Water, water everywhere and not a place to pee.

  2. Once upon a time I had a little girl who had to go to the bathroom. She would visit and look and declare “I don’t have to go” until we were far enough away to need a bathroom – different bathroom. We visited every bathroom possible on every outing and used NOT A ONE!

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