The ducklings needed a project while I folded laundry, so I tossed them some stuffed animals and their play medical kit. After a few minutes, I asked them how their doctoring was going.

M: How’s your puppy doing, Erma?

E: Good. He’s almost all better from crashing his roller skates.

M: How’s your monkey doing, Sigourney?

S: He’s DEAD.

Jumped on the bed one too many times. Saw a doctor who said, “put some aloe on it.” Came back to life a few minutes later.


3 responses to “Malpractice

  1. She’s 2-1/2. What does she know about dead????

    Sometimes it is better not to ask.

    Too funny!

    • Sometimes, in a moment of unbridled hilarity, she announces loudly, “I’m DEAD.” You have to say dead like you’re squishing a bug. “I’m Deaaaaad.” Really low voice. And when you do this, it is obviously HILARIOUS and you start laughing like a loon! Or at least, that’s how it works in Sidrah’s world.

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