The House That Sillyliss Built

Wayyyy back when I was a kid, Legos were the toy of choice. (Until that fateful Chanukah when we got our Nintendo. Oh man, that was a good Chanukah.)

My brother and I could quietly play Legos for hours. With those little, colorful bricks, I would build a house. Every. Single. Time.

Fast forward two or three decades, and our family has finally graduated from Duplo to Real Legos. (Or as Sigourney calls them, “the wittle, tiny wegos.”)

I am a kid again. I only HAD kids so I could ride carousels, have tea parties, and play with Legos.

Erma creates all kinds of Lego masterpieces. A school. A trampoline. A playground.

“It’s a race track!”

“It’s a space station and an astronaut landed on it, came through the door, and was home.”

“It’s a pen and paper and the blue line is what I’m writing.”

“Mom,” Erma asks, leaning toward me. “What are you building?”

“A house,” I reply.

Some things never change. Erma told me that my house was beautiful, as she put the finishing touches on her space station. I hope she never changes, either.


I was recently featured in comic form by Mom x 4! What an honor! Check out the cartoon she based off my idea.


8 responses to “The House That Sillyliss Built

  1. Impressive! Such marvelous lego architecture!

  2. and it’s a very pretty house!

    I have legos. Can’t wait to play with you all.

  3. Looks like fun! Can’t wait for Adam and Seb to be big enough for Legos…those boys are going to get sooo spoiled!

  4. I love legos too! It looks like you all had fun!

  5. I love the Legos that you can build anything with, and your house looks a lot like the houses I used to build! I just found out about this site yesterday, if the kids get interested in the sets later on. It’s basically Netflix for Legos!

  6. Impressive house! I don’t have to much of a knack for building things but my husband has made some of the most amazing structures out of Lego and the connecting toys that Imaginarium makes. I think he also had kids just so he can play with these toys lol.

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