With the following equation in mind, I took the children to Bounce-a-palooza, or as Erma called it, Bounce-a-magoolah:

I was never that great with math, so I forgot to account for the other side of the bouncy house equation:

After Erma got stuck in an obstacle course that turned out to be too challenging for a first-week kindergartner, she started screaming, “HELP ME, MOMMY! GET ME OUUUUUUT!”

It was a tough Mom moment. I wish I could say it was tough because I was heartbroken for her panic and fear, but the truth is, it was tough because I could sense that everybody was looking at us and that there was a big, flashing sign above my head, telling everybody at Bounce-a-magoolah that I am the worst Mom ever.

Eventually, I talked some pre-teen boys into helping her out. “I kind of felt like a superhero when I did that,” one boy said to the other after the deed was done.

“You are TOTALLY superheroes,” I told them sincerely. Totally, absolutely, magnificently superheroes.

“Mom?” Erma said, tugging on my shirt, fresh from the ordeal of being trapped on the bouncy thing. “Can I go on that one again?”

Bouncing Like the Batman


9 responses to “Bounce-a-magoolah

  1. Looks like some seriously good training for the Olympics!

  2. I think they should have a special session for the adults, like they used to do at the roller skating rink when all the kids had to clear off and let the grown-ups go round on their own!

  3. Love that you enlisted superheroes to help you! We don’t give boys that age enough credit, I think. E was entertained for the better part of a picnic yesterday by a 7th grade boy, who was having a great time playing with an almost-three-year-old. Where does the time go! Erma is in kindergarten!

    • I sure miss hearing all your updates! I want a total catch up on what’s going on in your life. I wish I could remember or care to figure out my LJ pw.

      And I agree — boys that age really do not get enough credit! They jumped in and helped before I even had to start asking strangers to rescue my daughter.

  4. 1) You are making new words for Webster. 2) I had a skirt just like that that I wore to the roller rink in 1987, so tell her that her wardrobe has many options.

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