Sweet Child O Mine

Every morning at preschool, drop-off is the same.

  • Sigourney and I have a great ride to preschool
  • We have a mature conversation about something (“I see da moon. Moon is always out, even in day time.” “I go to pweschool because I’m a big kid.” “It’s a wittle cold out this mowning. I have a jacket, so I am nice and cozy!” etc.)
  • We go into Preschool and wash hands.
  • We play a game.
  • I tell her I have to leave, and she cries.

We’ve got such a reputation going, that I have IN FACT heard that other parents, upon seeing us arrive, scurry out the door with hasty good-byes, lest their children breathe Sigourney’s air and turn their delightful have-a-great-days and I-love-you’s into an 80’s song (minus the L’s and R’s).


At the end of the day, Sigourney’s tune is always: “I had fun at pweschool. I love my fwiends.”

The following morning she always tells me on the ride to school, “I gonna cwy when you leave.”

And she does.


5 responses to “Sweet Child O Mine

  1. I have an overly dramatic child too. He gives me the best of times and the worst of times!

  2. My daughter was the same way for the full nine months of her 1st year of preschool (thankfully she only went 2 mornings a week). But sadly I was never clever enough match the emotions to all those wonderful 80s songs. You’re brilliant!

  3. LOL you crack me up and have me singing some AWESOME songs! One day she will see these stories and CHERISH them as much as we do now.

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