Ads of the Weird

Warning: possible triggers along the lines of sexual abuse.

CNN is the worst source of news of ever (with local exception), but yet, I still go there every day, because I am, if nothing else, a glutton for punishment. Yep, I even read the comments — which I strongly against anyone hoping to maintain any semblance of faith in humanity from doing.

Today led to me Worcester, Massachusetts, where a couple is going to jail for bad stuff they did to their adopted kids.

At first, I thought the words under the picture were a caption. Then I realized, no, that’s an advertisement. The ad changed and it took me several hundred refreshes before I finally got the Shutterfly ad again. This is just some weird juxtaposition.


There was also an ad proclaiming in bold font that “Jesus is the lord” and therefore you should visit a Christian dating site right away. And an ad for Nordstrom Rack, a local college’s justice program (possibly more appropriate), and an upcoming Walktoberfest. So it wasn’t all bad.



4 responses to “Ads of the Weird

  1. Although I am not a fan of and rarely visit, my experience with advertising that appears on web pages I visit and with those ads that change with the wind is that those ads are generally tied in some way to websites I have visited recently.

    Case in point, not so long ago, my daughter-in-law (who shall remain nameless) visited a website that sold an interesting variation on a child’s potty seat that combined with a full size toilet seat. She posted it on facebook and I just had to click on the link to see what she was talking about. That potty seat then appeared on every website I visited for the next several days. I considered buying the darned potty seat just to hopefully get rid of those ads!

    With that in mind, you seem to have been visiting some rather diverse but interesting websites lately. 🙂

    • I know that is the case with some websites. Whatever I look at on hayneedle or amazon follows me everywhere. But I hadn’t visited any of the websites I saw except for Shutterfly — and it took me hundreds of refreshes for that ad to come back!

  2. Those ads seem really tacky…Poor taste on CNN’s part.

    • Actually, I may have misled you. The CNN story took me to a small-town newspaper out of Worcester, Massachusetts — the Telegram, I think it was called. I put the source below the screenshots. Sorry!

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