Charlie Brown Does Not Do Anything

I have a tradition with my children to buy each of them a new dress of their birthdays. On Sunday, I took Sigourney to the dress store to pick out her birthday attire. The dress store, conveniently located next to the birthday party where we dropped Erma off, was Kohls.

In typical still-two-year-old fashion, Sigourney decided in the parking lot that she did NOT want to go to the dress store. Then she decided that she DID want to go. Then NOT. Then YES. Then NO.

We finally got into the store and there were CARTS TO RIDE IN, so we were going full throttle until we found the dresses. She proceeded to pick out her birthday dress with the utmost discretion. “Dat one! Can we go now?”

This is how Kohls always gets you. They have a display at the front of the store, stating that they care.  KOHL’S CARES, they proclaim. And by caring, they mean they are selling toys for $5 and then the $5 goes to some kind of charity. When we were there, the toys were Peanuts stuffed dolls.

“You can pick one out if you want.” It was a special day. And I like Peanuts.

So Sigourney wandered over to the Kohl’s Cares rack and, in much the same way she picked her birthday dress, she grabbed the stuffed toy closest to her reach and let the cashier scan it into our order.

Back in Sigourney’s arms, she looked at the toy and then looked to me. “Mom? What does this Charlie Brown DO?”

“Do? It doesn’t DO anything. It’s a toy to hug and squeeze and love.”

She stared at it. “Oh,” she said, clearly not impressed.

I turned toward the cashier, who was chuckling. “Kids sure expect a lot from their toys these days,” I said with a smile, though inside, I was silently wondering when someone would appear with my Mother of the Year award.

So Happy Birthday, Princess! Hope you get something better than a do-nothing Charlie Brown doll for your birthday. Like a flashlight or some painter’s tape!

* She actually has a tiny Charlie Brown and Snoopy given to her by her grandparents that plays the Peanuts theme song when you push on their bellies. Does that make her comment better? No. But she does sleep with Charlie Brown now. Which is a weird thing to say. The end.


4 responses to “Charlie Brown Does Not Do Anything

  1. LOL!! Oh what a great story! And now she’s sleep with Charlie Brown! I loved this so much I am personally giving you a mother of the year award! (Good for two children until Jan 1. 2014)

  2. Sweet dreams, little granddaughter.

  3. Your daughter may sleep with Charlie Brown, but mine sleeps with a dinosaur.

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