Stuff It, McStuffins

Sigourney donned one of her new Chanukah presents and announced that the doctor was ready to see her patients.

Erma asked, “What does your name tag say? Doc McStuffins?!?!?”

“No, it does not say Doc McStuffins!” Sigourney shouted back irritably.

“Yes. That’s what it says. Doc McStuffins.”


A regular riot broke out in the hallway over the besmirched name of the good MD.

Finally, I could stand it no more. “Hey, hey, hey,” I whispered in my gentlest voice*. “Erma, yes, it does say Doc McStuffins, but Sigourney, it doesn’t matter what the name tag really says. It can say whatever you want it to say.”

Sigourney gestured emphatically at her plastic badge, pointing at the words. “It says: you can not have this for 454648 months.”



Not Doc McStuffins.

She may need to work a bit on her bedside manner. *Me too.



One response to “Stuff It, McStuffins

  1. Nice to see y’all. Come back soon, y’hear?

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