Parlor Trick

One of Sigourney’s current preschool goals is learning to rhyme. We have been practicing a bit at home, since it’s fun, and since there are only so many times you can listen to the interrupting cow knock-knock joke.

I thought she was doing pretty well with her rhymes.

What rhymes with cat? Pat.

What rhymes with man? Pan.

What rhymes with grin? Pin.

What rhymes with drink? Pink.

What rhymes with cork? Pork.


Further experimentation proved that dog rhymes with pog, book rhymes with pook, and horse rhymes with porse.

I can also use this non-understanding to impress people at parties with her incredible vocabulary. (If I took her to parties. And if I went to parties.)

What rhymes with tension? Pension.

What rhymes with present? Peasant.

What rhymes with jester? Pester.

What rhymes with village? Pillage.


Genius child, standing next to me, just gave me a list of words that begin with P: “Pancake, frog, glasses. I’m doing my own words, not P words. Letters. Puter. Finger. Puter. Answerphone. And word. That means we need to go round the words, so I need to type something. Now can I sit in your lap?”

That’s all, folks.


2 responses to “Parlor Trick

  1. This was more than marvelous. It was smarvelous!

  2. Ooh, definitely should try that in front of people. “What?! She knows what pension and peasant mean?” lol

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