The Blizzard Within

Another weekend, another blizzard.

Here are a list of things I accomplished today:

  • Showered
  • Ate cream cheese danish
  • Teared up at new episode of Downton Abbey
  • Redirected tiny people toward safe choices (i.e., yelled a lot)
  • Played on the internet

Here are a list of things the children accomplished in the same time span:

  • Played outside in the already-formed snow drifts just prior to the arrival of this week’s blizzard
  • Had a Lego picnic in the living room
  • Decorated gingerbread people as monsters and regular folk
  • Read books to me while I dozed on the couch
  • Discussed the many functions of the human tongue
  • Played Baby Monkey School in the bath (Sigourney’s latest craze is to play variations of a game she invented called Baby School, wherein she is the baby and Erma is her teacher, but in this instance, they were both monkeys, and in a bath tub)
  • Drew maps to secret locations*
  • Hid cars in the couch cushions*
  • Started and finished a puzzle featuring three puppies who had gotten into their master’s ammunition supply
  • puzzle
  • Watched a movie about cartoon badgers
  • Jumped on a trampoline
  • Created a maze of domino tracks throughout the house
  • Fell asleep on the sofa before they even made it to bed

*Possibly related activities.

Little people are amazing. On that note, please send good vibes that school is not cancelled manana. Those of us (me) who are less productive without the confines of office walls need a place to go and be useful.



3 responses to “The Blizzard Within

  1. Spring lies ahead. I know you are snow blind and can’t see it, so trust me on that.

  2. I’m exhausted just reading about the kids accomplishments.

    Here’s hoping there’s no day off tomorrow. 🙂

  3. We are wishing for more snow here. We’ll have a drought this summer if we don’t get some. Send in our way already!

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