From the Bottom of the Clearance Bin

Dear Wilton Brands LLC:

If you are attempting to cater your gingerbread-decorating-kit toward people who would not know how to make the things from scratch (me), you have failed delightfully.

The box clearly shows an EASY, FUN project. And the bottom of the box reveals that we bought this thing on deep discount from the clearance bin.

Erma created herself (right) and her sister (left). Those little candy balls might not be edible. They almost broke my filling clear off.



My two favorite men in gingerbread form: my father and my husband. I ate my dad’s foot tonight and it was hard as a rock.

But for two dollars, it was still a fine art project for a stuck-inside day.







4 responses to “From the Bottom of the Clearance Bin

  1. Looks like a lot of fun and a great source for belly laughs.

  2. Maybe some tenderizer on the foot? Works for me.

    Those are some meticulously constructed gingerbread-people!

  3. Haha, cute. We had an interesting go at gingerbread houses this year. False advertising it what I call the boxes…. 😉

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