I Can Still Hear Her Complain

We are driving home from preschool/work, listening to the Classic Rock station, when Sigourney asks me in quiet contemplation:

“Mom, if he loved her, why did he have to kill her?”

That is a very interesting question, I told her.

I discreetly switched stations.

“Mom? Why does she work hard for the money?”

Um? So you’ll treat her right?

Radio off.


6 responses to “I Can Still Hear Her Complain

  1. That is hilarious. I see now why Sirius/XM makes big bucks off the Disney Radio. So, I’m guessing no death metal playin’ in the family car any time soon? LOL

  2. I feel as if this is deja vu! My boys would ask me the same crazy questions about songs on the radio! Hilarious post!

  3. hahahahaha, that’s hilarious!

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