Another Anniversary, Another ZZ Plant to Kill

The thirteenth anniversary present is “traditionally” stuff made of lace. My husband almost never wears lace, and his use of doilies is minimal at best, so I decided to go the less-traditional route and give him a houseplant.

I took the also non-traditional route of ordering the houseplant from a bamboo seller on Amazon.


The Amazon seller replied fairly quickly:


I did not call. I don’t know what I would say to the person or how the person would understand me.

But the plant did arrive, two days later, as (kind of) indicated in the email.

That’s when my husband Z told me that the plant ZZ is one I have bought for him two times in the past and has two times died. I would have thought a ZZ plant would be hardier than that.

I’ll try to remember that the fourteenth anniversary is ivory. Maybe I’ll get him a piano key or a walrus tusk or something useful for a change.


One response to “Another Anniversary, Another ZZ Plant to Kill

  1. You are very kind and generous to give an anniversary gift. My better half and I discuss anniversary gift exchanges. We only rarely get beyond the discussion phase. Good luck with the plant.

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