The Old Switcharoo

What I received in the mail today:

What I ordered:


What Darius told me:

I really want those pens. (And the other junk I ordered. But most of all the pens.)


10 responses to “The Old Switcharoo

  1. I think you’ll get the pens. Eventually. Amazon prime?

  2. And to add insult to injury, you have to pack up the switcheroo and mail it back. 😦

    I wonder where your pens are right now — at Amazon?

  3. My last experience with Amazon was horrible! (Although I guess it wasn’t really Amazon, but a seller). I got an empty envelope instead of a college textbook, then no answer to my email until Amazon took my money away. Then they lady had to have looked up my home telephone number online, because she called my house! And I know that number is never anywhere πŸ™‚ I hope you get your pens soon!

    • Oh geez. It’s dicey working with the Amazon sellers sometimes. One person sent me the wrong perfume. I asked for the right one, never got a response. Over a year later, he responded, asking me if he could fix the problem for me in exchange for taking down my negative review. I said, sure. Why not. He said he would send the right perfume, no need to send back the wrong one (which is great, after a year…). But he never sent it. And I never changed my negative review.

  4. Once, we got our entire order AND a 3 disc Al Pacino DVD set. It wasn’t on the invoice or anything. They told us they’d never figure out where it was supposed to go, so just to keep it.

  5. Hope you get your pens soon. You could probably sell Diablo.

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