You’ve Got to Try New Things All the Tiiiiime

The kids know that Santa and the Easter Bunny do not come to our house, and that the Tooth Fairy isn’t real (they still want money in exchange for baby teeth, though!). The children are not bribed by Elf on a Shelf. They also know (I think they know) that there are no monsters under the bed and that the Scooby Doo villains are really just people wearing masks. You might say, there is not a lot of magic in our children’s lives, but if you did say that, you would be wrong.

Because we have the magic of vegetables.

Yes, that’s what I said.

I’ve instilled some fairly white lies that I call “magic” into eating their vegetables. Obviously, carrots make you see better. But there are so many other ways that vegetables are good for you. I’m no scientist, but I BELIEVE in this magic.

“Wow, you are eating a lot of onions. I wonder how high you will be able to jump tomorrow!” “Does your owie hurt? Let’s put a band-aid on it and eat some tomatoes.” “Did you just open that door? You must have been eating your broccoli again.” I am so good at this game.

I wish I could get them to try some other vegetables using the magic system. Any ideas for the superpowers behind rutabaga or Brussels sprouts?


3 responses to “You’ve Got to Try New Things All the Tiiiiime

  1. I LOVE brussels sprouts! Really. Steamed with a little butter and salt. LOVE!

  2. Huh. So that’s why I suck at math. What a great game! 🙂

  3. Wish I’d thought of that game when my kids were little. Very imaginative!

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