Kidisms from the Apple Orchard

Walking along a nature trail at the Maple Hills Apple Orchard, I’m not sure if Erma asked what caused dinosaurs to become extinct or some other chicken-and-egg type question, but I told her, “Nobody knows.”

“Hey!” said Sigourney, hands on her hips, “that’s my line!”

“Oh, really? Did you copyright that line?”


“Did you patent protect it?”

“Yes, I cat and tekkidded,” Sigourney insisted.

“What is cat and tekkid?” wondered Erma. “Nobody knows.”

“Hey!” said Sigourney, “that’s my line!”

Sigourney in the Apple House.

On the drive home from the orchard, the kids were playing on their kid tablets. Erma, excitedly from the back seat: “Mom! Guess what! Sigourney beat the game! She’s a vegetarian now!”

“What? What game are you playing?”

“Let me look. Um. Best Pet Vet. I’m gonna play and see if I can be a vegetarian.”

Not a bad idea for a game, actually. Has anyone cat-and-tekkidded this idea?

Erma blow drying her painted pumpkin.


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