Jenna The BIG Purse

I recently traded in my Baggallini for a BIG purse. I don’t even think I can still call it a purse. A pocketbook? A handbag? No, this thing is just plain LUGGAGE.

Although Dumples has named it Jenna.

Jenna has a fantastic depth. I had to add 10 minutes to my daily commute to make time for the morning key hunt. There’s a few dollars for tolls in there, but forget about finding them; I had to reroute my trip instead. Pay by check? I know that checkbook is in here somewhere… And if rain blotches my glasses, I am doomed, because there is no way I could find my glasses cleaning cloth within Jenna’s ample bosom.

Here are some random things I pulled out of Jenna.

Pencil Sharpener

A pencil sharpener. This is to sharpen my pencil for sketching nesting dolls, which also often ride along in Jenna. The pencil sharpener, however, is only of use if I can find the pencil, which is doubtful.


It’s a flashlight and a flare. Does it work? I have no idea. Could I find it in a time of panic? Doubtful.


An extra pair of gloves. Because I spend a lot of time in North Dakota.


A tomato given to me by a coworker. Because Fargoans are sharers as well as great home gardeners. Hopefully the tomato and the pencil did not meet up.


Three Notebooks

Not one, not two, but THREE notebooks, of varying sizes. The nuclear one is for nesting doll ideas. The black one is for work notes that I will likely never read again. The tiny one is Chicken’s grocery list. It’s not a list of things to buy at the grocery store; it’s a list of items she SAW at the grocery store and wants to recreate at home.

I fit an 18-count box of Cafe Bustelo k-cups in there the other day.

In fifteen years, Jenna will accompany to my back surgery appointment. Because she’s not easy on the spine. Until then, she and I will fill up on secret peanut butter cups, paperback novels, and fast food napkins. And I’ll never find anything again.


4 responses to “Jenna The BIG Purse

  1. Love your blog. This entry made my night.
    Stay amazing!

  2. Jenna is lovely. So is Chickens list. And that’s a beautiful tomato. Big bags rock. ❤️

  3. I am a lover of large purses, but I also can never find the things that I’m looking for. Every so often, my lalarge bag must be emptied and cleaned due to some rotting food, or an overabundance of crumbs.

  4. Uh, Take it easy just, however the time go on and go on ,,,,go on

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