The Other Thing That Roosters Do

Bernie the Rooster doing what roosters do.

“MOM!” two kids came to the sliding glass door, screaming and out of breath. “MOM MOM MOM! The rooster, the rooster!”

“What? What is happening?”

Bernadette, age 7½, aghast, cried, “The rooster is ON TOP of the chicken. Mom, I mean he is on TOP of the chicken. Like ON TOP! What should we do?”

“YEAH! MOM! WHAT SHOULD WE DO?” echoed her little sister, Shirley.

“It’s okay,” I told them. “That’s what roosters are supposed to do. That’s how they make baby chickens.”

They both held puzzled looks for a moment, and then Bernadette checked in: “So he isn’t being bad?”

“Well, no. He’s not being bad.”

Bernadette continued, “So is he being good?”

Uhh. “He’s just being a chicken. That’s what chickens do.”

“Oh, okay.” Bernadette said. She closed the sliding glass door and she and Shirley ran back toward the yard. “GOOD JOB, ROOSTER! GOOD WORK, ROOSTER!” I heard them shouting. “GO BERNIE GO!”

Like Bernie really needed a cheer squad!


5 responses to “The Other Thing That Roosters Do

  1. I’m getting an education here.

  2. Mom? Is that you writing about us? Because my name is Emilia and Sidrahs is well, Sidrah!
    Ps I am writing on dads computer

  3. ok

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