My Cup Crusade (and Her Bag Dream)


The building may or may not be more structurally sound than pictured. Depends on how much capital investment my gofundme account builds up.

When I grow up, I’m going to have a cafe called Cuppa. Everything will be served in cups. Cups and spoons, that will be my entire inventory of serving accouterments.

There will be no bowls, no plates, no saucers. Just cups. All of the menu items will be cup-friendly.


This is my dream: a world in which everything can be eaten with a spoon.

Also, cups and spoons are a lot more fun to wash than forks and giant plates. Who’s with me?

My all-of-the-sudden-she-is-five-years-old Marganit also has a dream for when she grows up. She told her preschool teacher on Monday a theme that she has been repeating to us for a while. “When I grow, I want to be a bagger,” she says. And, second to that: “a scientist.”

She’ll be a good bagger, too. She loves to put things in bags. Bags. Everywhere. Bags are her cups.

I should start gearing her up for her career field with specially designed Tetris tests. If my cup dream can’t come true, the least I can do is make my daughter’s bagger dream come true.

bag lady

A nighttime bag packed with must-haves for midnight awakenings: a little notepad, a bouncy ball, a stethoscope (real), a cheap plastic slinky, and some other junk that cannot be easily identified.


One response to “My Cup Crusade (and Her Bag Dream)

  1. Your daughter’s bagger dream reminds me of my sister’s burning desire to be a fire engine when she was about six. It took her years to settle on something else: a maid at Camp Curry in Yosemite National Park. She did neither and I was always disappointed not to see her as a fire engine.

    You, on the other hand, have a wonderful dream and certainly one that is achievable. I, too, love cups and spoons. We run close in our household; we seem to eat everything out of bowls and with spoons!

    I wish you much luck – just keep dreaming and it will be!

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