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Shake It Off

A lot of things have changed since I was in elementary school. My Chicken is teaching me all kinds of new things.

The first thing she is teaching me is bus music. We didn’t have bus music when I was a kid. The combustible engine hadn’t been invented yet. And neither had the wheel. Or at least, the bus drivers were these super strict old ladies who stopped the bus and started screaming at us in Southern accents that we needed to “quit it” whatever “it” was or the bus would not be taking us home that day. That was the melody of our bus rides.

Chickie’s bus rides are totally different. The kids are sharing snacks, they’re licking the walls, they’re listening to bus music.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re imagining a gaggle of kids in harmony, striking up tunes like, “The Wheels on the Bus,” or — more risque — “Hail to the Bus Driver.”

But what they are actually listening to is Beyonce and Big Sean and someone whose name cannot be said aloud because it is comprised entirely of punctuation marks. When she started singing “Mother Vase” out of the blue one day, I decided it was time to see what these songs are about — and ensuring that little Chick does NOT know what these songs are about.

We made a list of her favorite bus songs and youtubed them.

  • Animals – Maroon 5
  • Stay with Me – Sam Smith
  • Don’t – Ed Sheeran
  • One More Night – Maroon 5
  • Get Lucky – Daft Punk
  • Daylight – Maroon 5
  • Firework – Katy Perry
  • Maps – Maroon 5
  • Stay High – Tove Lo

We even made a CD of bus songs so we could listen to bus songs in the car. (The fact that I am still burning CDs may have proven my senior status.)

I did not teach them to pose like that.

A few days go by and my Chickadee thinks I’m some kind of miracle worker who can youtube any song she has on her mind. She asks me if I can find the name of a song she has stuck in her head. I say, sure. (I’m kind of a big deal.) (That’s the slogan of the zoo crew on the Bus station, BIG 98.7 FM.)

So she says, “It goes NA NA NA — NA NA NA.” She looks at me.  “Can you find it?”


Here’s what we know: It’s not Roxette, which, in my realm is the only good NA NA song.

Now I turn to the People of the Internet. Can you tell me the name of the NA NA NA song? Can you tell me the name of any NA NA NA song? You could win lunch with Pike, Jesse, and Amanda in the morning. But only if you’re caller 10.


Sweet Child O Mine

Every morning at preschool, drop-off is the same.

  • Sigourney and I have a great ride to preschool
  • We have a mature conversation about something (“I see da moon. Moon is always out, even in day time.” “I go to pweschool because I’m a big kid.” “It’s a wittle cold out this mowning. I have a jacket, so I am nice and cozy!” etc.)
  • We go into Preschool and wash hands.
  • We play a game.
  • I tell her I have to leave, and she cries.

We’ve got such a reputation going, that I have IN FACT heard that other parents, upon seeing us arrive, scurry out the door with hasty good-byes, lest their children breathe Sigourney’s air and turn their delightful have-a-great-days and I-love-you’s into an 80’s song (minus the L’s and R’s).


At the end of the day, Sigourney’s tune is always: “I had fun at pweschool. I love my fwiends.”

The following morning she always tells me on the ride to school, “I gonna cwy when you leave.”

And she does.

Rock Me Amadeus

Motherhood changes a person in lots of enormous ways, but it’s the little ways that kind of bug me.

This morning, I hopped in the shower with the intention of belting out some choice 80’s music, like I used to do, back in 90’s when it the 80’s were starting to become really cool.

I tried Straight Up, Janie’s Got a Gun, Mickey, and Take It on the Run. (Spatulacakes if you can name 2 out of 4 of the artists from the titles alone.)  Sadly, the words were mostly lost to me. There was a lot of that muttering thing a person does when they are trying to get past the lyrics they don’t know and back to the chorus.

Racking my brain, I tried to think what songs I know in completion. Let’s see. The ABC’s. Twinkle, Twinkle. Wheels on the Bus.

What has happened to me? Has my brain, operating at full capacity, kicked out all lyrical knowledge of Roxette and Air Supply in order to make room for lullabies and nursery rhymes?

Fortunately, I was saved by Tainted Love. That’s one song that you don’t forget the lyrics.

Power of Love

Back to the Future is arguably the best movie of all time. Why? Well, while I was in a (legally-induced) (prescription medication) (taken for the correct reasons) state of possible insanity, I had a few delusions and thought, now I have to blog about this! And that is why.

First of all, I’m pretty sure I gained the ability to see through my eyelids for a length of time not to exceed five, ten minutes. This superpower was fairly alarming.

Then I realized that the top half of my body was shaking with chills and the bottom half of my body was fevered.

Finally, I started to have these startling realizations about Back to the Future, and three hours later, awakened from my sick slumber, I come to sillyliss.com to report my findings.

  1. It’s canon. That’s it. It’s canon.
  2. Time travel should not take itself seriously. I’m looking at you, LOST.
  3. Michael J. Fox
  4. Hitch-skateboarding
  5. Lou: You gonna order something, kid?
    Marty McFly: Ah, yeah… Give me – Give me a Tab.
    Lou: Tab? I can’t give you a tab unless you order something.
    Marty: All right, give me a Pepsi Free.
    Lou: You want a Pepsi, pal, you’re gonna pay for it.

What’s magical about Back to the Future is that they not only managed to capture the essence of the 1950s, but they also hit on the 1980’s just right. That’s the way a good time travel movie should be.

You know, I thought my delusions were more interesting than my list turned out to be.

Still, I stand by Back to the Future as the greatest movie of all time. Opinions?